Here you can find information about the right use and care of a shaving brush.

1. How do I use my shaving brush?

Wet your shaving brush, before the shave, with warm water. Do not use hot water, this may damage the badger hair. Then foam, in circular motion, the soap under slight pressure. Too much pressure can twist the hair in the middle of the brush and then they may break. Also, you should make sure that the brush hairs are not spread apart too much. Because this also can lead to hair damage. Wash out your shaving brush with warm water after the shave.

The shaving brush should have the opportunity to dry completely between the shaves. In a permanent wet shaving brush is the risk of fungal growth, which can damage the hair. Use a shaving brush stand, where the brush hangs upside down and the remaining water can drain freely. Never keep a wet shaving brush in closed container.

2. How do I clean my shaving brush?

Besides washing out the shaving brush after each use, it is recommended to clean the shaving brush more thoroughly every 1-2 months. You can use a mild shampoo (e.g. baby shampoo) for this purpose.  Lather the shampoo gently with your hands in the brush hairs and then wash it out again thoroughly. For very stubborn dirt, vinegar can also be used for cleaning. To do this, first dissolve some pH-neutral soap in a bowl of lukewarm water and place the brush in it for about 15 minutes. Then place it in a bowl with lukewarm water and a small dash of apple cider vinegar for about 10 minutes. Then wash out under lukewarm water and dry.

3. Why smells my new shaving brush?

New shaving brushes may have a slight aroma because they are made from natural materials and are treated with a preservative. You can easily get rid of the aroma by washing out your shaving brush in a lukewarm soapy solution before using it for the first time.
You should avoid the use of strong cleaning agents and agents that contain sodium carbonate as they will harm the hairs of your shaving brush.

4. Why does my shaving brush lose hair?

If the brush loses hair in the first few weeks:
A hair loss in the first few weeks in small quantity can always happen. Despite careful cleaning of the brush, loose or not completely fixed hair can still be present. These then come out gradually during shaving.

The hair loss occurs suddenly after some time:
Please check whether the brush in the dry state eventually forms a small cloud of dust, when you wipe over it with your hands. This would mean that soap residue have accumulated inside. One of the most common causes of hair loss of shaving brushes. The High PH value of the soap attacks the hair, so it breaks and falls out.

Here is an example of a shaving brush, who was looking quite well at the outside, but when roam it clearly showed why he lost hair. If that happens, only a thorough wash with mild shampoo and then comb out thoroughly can help.

If your shaving brush lose hair and its none of the causes mentioned above, feel free to contact us.


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